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Are Laker Fans Spoiled?

As a Los Angeles Lakers fan, I've always wondered, are we spoiled? Crazy to ask, but yet I've always wondered. Everyone has such high expectations for the Lakers. Every year, I hear everyone that's a Lakers fan that we are going to win the championship. I, personally, look at our team for that year then judge if we can get the playoffs or even the Finals. Fans shouldn't be able to judge that quick. Let the season start, then we can talk. Are we spoiled because we have 16 championships and want more? Every year it seems that when Kobe is at the free throw line us Lakers fan's tend to chat MVP. That's reasonable. Kobe Bryant, day in and day out, continues to work very hard. Lakers management tends to also get rid of some good players. They got rid of Sasha Vujacic, Jordan Farmar and Trevor Ariza just to name some. Lakers have the highest winning streak in the NBA with 33. The Lakers have rivalries with Los Angeles Clippers and the  San Antonio Spurs.