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Remembering Derek Fisher As A Laker

What comes to mind when you hear the name Derek Fisher ? A five time champion with the Los Angeles Lakers? How about possibly the most famous game-winning shot in NBA history? Fisher's miracle game-winner came on May 13, 2004 when there was just 0.4 seconds remaining. The Spurs thought the ball would go to Kobe Bryant, but nope, it went to Fisher.Over the years, Fisher has given a lot to the Lakers and fans of the NBA – he even has a say in the league's CBA, as he's the president of the Players Association. Though, for most people, Derek is going to be remembered for that famous shot against the Spurs.

Now, keep in mind that Fisher played a large portion of his career with the Los Angeles Lakers. Fisher has played in 229 career playoff games which is the third highest in NBA history. Check out a little of Fisher's background, courtesy of Wikipedia:

Fisher was selected by the Lakers in 1996 draft. Fisher was elected as union president on 2009. Fisher has played with the Lakers, Golden State Warriors, Utah Jazz, Oklahoma City Thunder, and lastly the Dallas Mavericks. On November 2006, Fisher was voted president of the National Basketball Association. On July 2, 2007, Fisher asked the Jazz to release him from his contract so he could relocate to a team and city that would have the "right combination" of specialists that could help fight his daughter's retinoblastoma The Jazz honored his request."

After much speculation, on July 19, 2007, Fisher officially rejoined the Los Angeles Lakers by signing a three-year contract worth roughly $14 million.

There is no question that the Lakers should retire his number in my opinion but, the question is, will the Lakers decide to make a statue honoring Fisher? The latest statue was of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. If they do create a statue for Fisher, it should be a statue of him making that miraculous shot.

And, it turns out that Fisher originally thought that his legendary 0.4 shot was going to miss, according to ESPN:

"[Fisher] also talks about how when the ball first left his fingertips, he thought it was long. He points out that he doesn't shoot a lot of fadeaways like that, and wasn't used to the feeling. But then, as the ball traveled a bit, his thoughts changed to "oh, this is right on line."

The shot went down, the Lakers won the game and then L.A. ended up winning the series in six games.