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Top Ten Records That Wont Be Broken

In the years that sports have existed there have been multiple sporting records that have been set.  People have often thought that these records wont be broken. There have been a lot of records set in multiple sports. Here are my Top 10 records that wont be broken anytime soon.
10. Starting at number 10 we have Barry Bonds hitting for 73 home runs in a single season. The reason why I think it wont be broken it no one has ever come close to hitting 73, but you have to take in consideration that Bonds played in the era of steroids were highly in use. Not accusing of Bonds using steroids but this might have played a factor. There has been rumors going around that he did. 
9. At number 9 comes in Michael Williams. He made 97 consecutive free throws. Think about how much practice and hard work and determination he puts in day in and day out to practice. This guy must have been at the gym for hours. To think this record would be broken is hard to believe. The reason why because there are a lot more distractions now. For example their a blow horns. 
8. Number eight is most consecutive games played in the NFL by Brett Favre at 297. Say what you have to say about this guy, but to think he went day in and day out playing football. He played through tough injuries during the course of his streak. The closest person to breaking his streak was Peyton Manning but then Manning got injured and the streak was snapped.
7. Number seven is the Chicago Bulls and their 72-10 record. The reason is because the league has developed a lot since. Scouts go to every game. They look at what are the players strength and weaknesses of the team. After doing so they could go to the main office and report on what they saw.
6. Number six is Pete Rose's all time hits at 4,256. Pete Rose put his heart and soul into the game of baseball too bad he ruined his reputation by gambling. Pete Rose is often nicknamed "Charlie Husstle". Reason why is because he played with a lot of heart. Rose beat Ty Cobb to achieve this record. Nobody thought it was possible but Rose did it.
5. Number five is John Wooden's seven consecutive titles in a row. John Wooden is a coaching legend. Wooden had so much talent with the teams he coached to win the championships. With the help of a player named Lou Alcindor and Bill Walton.  He's coaching of the Pyramid of Success helped him achieve.
4. Number four is Cal Ripkens most consecutive games played at 2,632. Skeptics believed that Lou Gehrig's 2,130 games played would never be passed. Then here comes Cal and he passes him. He played through injuries and sickness. Have said this you also need endurance to keep up.
3.Number three is most career wins by Cy Young, with 511. Cy Young was a very fierce pitcher in his time. He played in an era where pitchers lasted longer on the mound. The pitchers usually finished the games they started. Young played in the "Dead Ball" era.
2.Number two Joe Dimaggio's 56 game hitting streak. People have tried to break Dimaggio's streak but they didn't. Its hard because one swing of the bat can change the whole out come. People say it is never going to be broken because of the way that pitchers are starting to pitch and because of scouting reports.
1.Lastly number one is Wilt Chamberlains 100 point game.  With the development of newly NBA defenses and scouts to monitor how players play the game it is going to be tough for someone to reach 100 points. The closest anyone ever came to 100 points was Los Angles Lakers guard Kobe Bryant with 81 points